The trustees consider the continued development of the education and community programme via the Creative Learning Department to be an essential part of its charitable aims to assist in delivering a new and wider audience by developing interest in the performing arts and dance.

The Trust supports the active ATG Creative Learning department and its variety of programmes, some of which are linked to and supported by the producers and performers of the professional productions at the theatre.

The four main focus points for Creative Learning (CL) are:

School Workshops
Show-related workshops
Theatrical workshops
Theatre Tours
Theatre Talks
Work Related Learning
Career Days
School Holiday Projects

Musical Theatre Master Classes
Vocals, choreography and script work to link in with popular musicals . Ideal for groups of all levels – a workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of a group.

Youth Theatre, Youth Dance, and Mature Movers
Classes for adults and children including, Junior Youth Theatre for Youth People aged 11 – 14, Youth Musical Theatre Company and Youth Dance company for those aged 15 – 21 and an over 55’s mature movers class. 0151 702 7337 or email:

Theatre Tours and Talks
Staff can come to your group or club to deliver a talk about the theatre or why not come to us and we’ll take you on a tour around the theatre, exploring the history of the theatre. Tours take place at 11am – why not combine a tour with a matinee performance! Tours and Talks can also focus on careers within the theatre industry for schools and college groups. There is a small per head charge for tours which include refreshments.

Some typical numbers for the Creative Learning department in a year –

Number of schools engaged in CL projects 15
Number of CL sessions 450
Number of CL sessions at a school or community venue 55
Number of young people (up to 18) at CL sessions and projects 4,500
Number of adult attendances at sessions 1,000
Audience figures for CL shows and events 9,000